Pilvede pildistamise konkurss oli üle ootuste populaarne 2005

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Karai, 18.08.2005 15:41
Palju fantastilisi pilte oli küll. Ma saatsin ise ka mõned, kuid osadele oleks lausa ise hääle andnud, kui oleks võimalik olnud.

un9Vmcj7fRH, 06.04.2014 20:30
ricoRemember this2.11.2 Deputy R.G. Le He9rissier:Can the Assistant Minister confirm wehehtr or not some of the material in Operation Blast consists of transcript of secret audio recordings?Deputy J.A. Hilton:I am not able to answer that question.2.11.3 The Deputy of St. Martin:I do not know wehehtr the Assistant Minister can answer this one, but is the Assistant Minister aware of the involvement, maybe, of the Chief Executive Officer in the Operation Blast and has any consideration been given about him being suspended as well?Deputy J.A. Hilton:As I stated before, I have not been involved in any of the issues surrounding the disciplinary process. I have not read any of the reports that have been submitted to the Minister for Home Affairs so I do not feel able to answer that question.2.11.4 Deputy P.V.F. Le Claire:One of the reasons we have been told today that the Chief of Police has been suspended is to do with Operation Blast. Could the Assistant Minister give us any of the 3 categories that have been outlined by the Chief Minister in relation to that and also the other reason why the Chief of Police has been suspended?Deputy J.A. Hilton:As I stated before, I have not been involved in the disciplinary process. I was not present at the meeting that took place and do not feel able to answer that question on behalf of my Minister.2.11.5 Deputy P.V.F. Le Claire:Supplementary, can we seriously expect that given such gravity of the situation the Minister for Home Affairs has not shared the information with the Assistant Minister as to the reason why the Chief of Police has been suspended? Surely, this is a woeful management of our government. What would happen if the Minister died? Will the Assistant Minister please inform us wehehtr or not she is now saying, categorically, she has no knowledge as to the reason of the suspension, other than one she has mentioned of the Chief of Police?




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