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j22EObL0wQO3, 18.02.2015 07:44
Nice one, once again. You Rock!I would like to add one up.As I have seen, most of the guys, keep on making plslbyaat, especially for whole sequence or larger part. And noticing a single individual part. It is time consuming, waiting for plslbyaat.This is the tip I recall from Keith Lango tips. And I also usually experienced that.Work on smaller chunks and limit your plslbyaats.Study your plslbyaat and note down all the points as a whole, listing as many as you can. Study it closely. And try to correct all those till the next blast.Then the next blast as usual, the list would be less and will be made when all those previous points have been done.It will result in less previews and more time.It can help you in speeding up.Hope this would help. :)




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