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rZnSzWDuGBIxH, 21.07.2011 21:48
Just what the dcootr ordered, thankity you!

9pGqTqX4Wda, 07.11.2016 03:43
Ebaying one's ex-husband, though? (Actually, I can see how some people might find that atte.ctivr..a)Lest I be misunderstood, I'm not visiting the sins of those hackers of yore on the current crop, only explaining why I don't find the "Let's raise an army to restore the True King to the throne" plot a very appealing one.As for those pesky Pevensies being presented with their thrones simply for having opposable thumbs, don't get me started...

V3uKDvrJuZw, 25.12.2016 20:18
A very fun evnineg! Thanks to the whole gang, had such a great time. We must do it again. Stalking Glenn in the dunes, Mark and his Flash t-shirt, Peta talking to her car (!!) — awesome evening!




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