13. nädala lill!

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lmXCavFwIUrl, 21.06.2013 10:09
Mike! You got lost your mind in Estonia!Pleas ride back to Amsterdam.I use app Parking app on a regular ihpone with geolocation and everything. An app for smartphones is another way to make money with a service. Do you really think Dutch would miss the chance. Business is business.Please come back -:)Elio

cfzIOse2KCT, 21.06.2013 10:15
Mike, sounds like I shloud move to Amsterdam. Here in Southern California, biking is like risking your life. Drivers will be glad to run you over any time. Though I am proud to say that I've been biking to work almost 50% of the time since the beginning of this year. Love your blog.

bzUyqSsfbFWmnAoIW, 21.06.2013 16:22
Cool! It looks like it's following the same grneeal logic as the original puzzle, but having the PCs follow the shaded areas when going left to right and the light areas when going right to left.The part that's confusing me is what the PCs are supposed to do when they cross the halfway point. Are they then supposed to say, Okay, which other tile points to this one? That's where I'm going! For what it's worth, I did create a version of this puzzle with two runes per tile one to follow left to right, the other to follow right to left. It just looked cluttered, though, so I let it be. Also, it would probably be another layer harder!




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