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D85wOOax, 06.04.2014 11:05
You know, it really bugs me the way women are paortnised for a) focussing on the things they have a passion b) starting small.Why the hell would you want to set up a scaffolding or toilet roll business if those things don't get you going (passion wise I mean). Do what you love and life will be a lot more fun.It makes perfect sense to be practical about it and work round your job / kids / gym addiction at first. Then when things take off and you go national and then international you can invest in premises and staff. After all, in these tricky times, cauution and bootstrapping is the way to go.We women don't lack ambition, we just focus it on what matters to us in a way that fits our lives. Ambitious and practical. Someone has to be!(Ps read more about our views on this subject in our book- More To Life Than Shoes: How To Kick Start Your Career and Change Your Life)




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